2018 motorsport calendar spreadsheet

I’ve been putting together my motorsport calendar spreadsheet for a couple of years now. It has proven to be a massively useful tool to know when races are on, what series clash and what weekends I can actually have “off”!

And as promised on Twitter, I’m more than happy to share it out for free usage*. It’s super-easy to amend as a simple spreadsheet, meaning you can add and remove any series you wish, paint it pretty colours or even print out.

All of the major international series are on there. Perhaps the biggest ones omitted are Super Formula – if anyone has a 2018 calendar, please let me know! – and Australian V8 Supercars. Again, it’s easy to add series in.

I’ll endeavour┬áto keep this up to date through the year as calendars are tweaked or amended.

Simply click the link below to download – happy holidays!

LS-2018 motorsport calendar v1

* I do accept beer.

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