Hello world…

The generic ‘Hello World!’ intro for any first post on a new WordPress blog/website is perhaps a little cheesy, but it has long been a traditional message as a way to test things out. As a result, I’m going to run with it as the way to start off a blog on this new website.

I’ve been umming and ahhing about setting up a personal website as a way to act as a portfolio for my work for some time, but have finally bit the bullet to go ahead and set it up.

The blog on this website is unlikely to be updated all that regularly, but I was keen to have somewhere for any articles that may not fit on my usual platforms or outlets  – most probably about other sports, but perhaps also travel, or music, or books – so this will be what this serves, giving me the freedom to branch out beyond my usual motorsport and racing work.

Writing was always something I found to be a good release when I was younger; a way to express thoughts and creative ideas. I was lucky enough to turn that into a career – but the original purpose remains. It is still a good remedy.

You can find any information you need to know about me and my work on the About page, as well as details on how to get in touch with me there. All of my work can be found via the Portfolio page.

Until next time!

1 thought on “Hello world…”

  1. Hi Luke,

    My name is Rhonan and I have been a fan of F1 since 2008.
    I started up a Blog back in 2015 mainly covering Formula One with a bit of Formula E and BTCC.
    I’d love to a Motorsports Journalist in the future.

    If you could check out my blog, it’ll be much appreciated!


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